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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab advertisements challenge iPad

Samsung Galaxy Tab new advertisements challenge iPad in the area of being "Faster", "Thinner" and "Lighter".


Now Even Faster. Make buffering a relic of the past, with the Samsung Galaxy Tab's lightning fast processors handling even the largest of video files with ease. So next time a wayward toddler threatens to erupt, save yourself the embarrassment of a restaurant tantrum and see the Samsung Galaxy Tab's performance for yourself.


Thinner Than Ever Before. 8.6mm is not a lot of space to work with even in the best of conditions, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab does what other tablets can only dream of, twice as fast, in the sleek design you've come to expect of all Samsung Galaxy Tabs. Just remember to keep a pencil handy if prying hands are to be kept at bay.


Lighter. Weighing in at a dainty 565 grams, The Samsung Galaxy Tab is as light and portable as they come. Whether you're late for an important meeting or just carrying it around town, the Samsung Galazy Tab will feel like it's not even there -- and you'll never get fired again. Now find us another tablet which can promise that.

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