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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

England team World Cup 2010 campaign cursed by a 'Pigeon'

The English team drew Algeria 0-0 last Friday in their second group stage match of World Cup 2010. Some blamed the coach and the players but now, people are also putting the blame on a 'Pigeon'. They suspect the pigeon was setup by a witchdoctor and England were the victims of black magic.

According to a South African shaman interviewed by The Sun yesterday, African medicine men often use birds to deliver spells and he suspects it was the doing of an Algerian fan.

Early in the first half of the England-Algeria clash in Cape Town, a grey speckled pigeon perched itself atop Algeria's goal. It enjoyed its bird's eye view undisturbed, seeing as how England had trouble even getting a shot on target.

The bird changed ends at half-time, and it continued to be unbothered by Wayne Rooney and Co.

England were 'cursed': Witch doctor [via]

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