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Saturday, June 19, 2010

North Koreans players went missing from World Cup 2010

There were rumours reporting four North Koreans footballers went missing from World Cup 2010. Their attendances were marked as "absent" on the North Koreans' name list. However, the FIFA has since denied such rumours.

Before I carry on, I better stop calling them citizens of "North Korea" and switch to "Chosun" or the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" or just the "People's Republic" instead.

One thing journalists must avoid saying during those events is "North Korea." Reporters are told sternly to refer to the communist country as "Chosun" or the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" or just the "People's Republic." When a South Korean journalist accidentally said "North Korea" during a recent press conference, coach Kim Jong-hun pointed out testily, "There's no such country called North Korea. Only the Democratic People's Republic of Korea."

Did they flee to gain their freedom by defecting away from one of the most oppressive regimes in the world? I wish them the best!

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