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Saturday, January 05, 2008

DBS Coin Deposit Machines

DBS Bank has installed quite a few Coin Deposit machines at various locations e.g. Woodlands Civic Centre, Bedok, Towner Rd, South Bridge Rd, etc. These machines even accept 1 cent coins. However, the use of these machines do incur charges.

Read on
  • 100 pieces = 75 cents ($0.75) charge
  • If you deposit before 2pm on a working day, you will only see it in your bank account by 8pm on the same day
  • If you deposit after 2pm on a working day or on a non-working day, you will only see it in your bank account by 8pm on the next working day
  • Charges are waived for kids account Correction: Charges will still be debited from a kid's (less than 12 years old) account when doing coin deposit. To waive the charges, you are required to retain the receipts and bring them personally to a DBS/POSB counter for a refund. Yes, the Coin Deposit machines are not intelligent enough to determine if the designated account is a kid's account.

Currently, DBS website does not have information on this new Coin Deposit Machines.


  1. Thanks for the info. Wonder why DBS don't put the info up on their site. Thanks anyway.

  2. BTW, to make a refund for a kids account, another alternative is to deposit the receipt into the cheque deposit box.


  3. Hi, i think there is another correction to be made.
    It is 0.75cents per 100 pieces ie less than 1 cent.
    I was thinking the same like u did - 75 cents.

  4. No, I have double confirmed with customer service and this is what they told me.

    200 pieces = $1.50
    100 pieces = $0.75 (75 cents)
    1 piece = $0.0075 (0.75 cents)

    I was at Woodlands Civic Centre today and I double confirmed the below:
    0.75 cents per piece.

    To make it less confusing, I edited my post slightly.


  5. i just did a coin deposit this morning...
    being charged $3.35...
    really no way to have it waived??

  6. That is a lot of coins!
    I do agree $3.35 is a bit too much but I doubt there is much we as a consumer can do to get it waived since the terms of usage is already being stated.

    You can try to call them at 1800-1111-111 and see they can do for you.



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