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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Overhaul of Bus System for Singapore

Hopefully, the proposed change will be better for the future. 6.5 million population in a small island like Singapore certainly needs a better integrated transport system.


Faster buses
  • By June: More peak-hour and full-day bus lanes.
  • By year-end: Motorists must give way to buses leaving bus bays. Buses get priority to turn at junctions.
  • By 2009: Bus speeds raised to 20 to 25kmh, from 16 to 19kmh.
More info on the go

  • By May: Bus arrivals in real time at another 20 bus stops, raising total to 50.
  • By July: SMS for arrival times at some bus stops.
  • Journey planner, using Internet or phone, to find best electronic public transport map.
Cheaper transfers

  • By year-end: Season pass for travel on both bus and rail, regardless of operator.
  • By 2009: Fares completely distance-based. No boarding charge for transfers.
  • In the works: More air-conditioned transport hubs in Bedok, Jurong East, Serangoon, Joo Koon and Marina South.

Seamless connections, shorter journeys

  • Now: Bus companies plan bus routes.
  • By 2009: Government does centralised bus route planning.
More efficient and better service

  • Open up bus routes to best bidder, possibly as early as 2010.
  • More niche and premium services.

Shorter wait

  • August 2009: Eight in 10 services to run every 10 minutes or less, down from today's 15 minutes.
Zippier travel

  • 2015: Eight in 10 commuters will complete their trip within one hour, up from seven in 10 today.
Catching up with the car
  • 2020: Trips on public transport to take no more than 1.5 times that by car, down from today's 1.7 times.

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