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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Make Pointui Work on Windows Mobile 6

2 weeks ago, I made a post on Pointui. The current version of Pointui at this point in time is 1.01b.

Pointui 1.01b works seamlessly on Windows Mobile 5.0 but has got some problems with Windows Mobile 6.0. I am not sure if future version will make it work on WM 6.0 without applying a "hack". Assuming we still use version 1.01b and we wish to get it to work on WM 6, download and install Pointui 1.01b. Afterwhich, download 2 files and replace their equivalent files at \My Device\Program Files\PointUI\Home\1.01b\. The 2 files I am referring to can be downloaded from below

Pointui certainly rocks!

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