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Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Enquiry to SBS Transit On a Bus Incident

On 2nd January 2008, I filed an enquiry report to SBS Transit on a bus incident I witnessed.

My Case [2 Jan 08 2000 hr]

On 2nd January 2008 around 8pm, I was travelling on bus 74 in the direction towards Hougang. I was then near Shunfu Road when I witnessed another bus 74 sped past mine.
That bus had got its front and side bus number plates removed, leaving only the plate at the rear untouched. I was then seated on the upper deck front most seat and so was able to observe clearly what actually happened. I observed the bus only allowed passengers to alight but not to board. I am very curious by this "special" bus. Is this a new expss service offered to the public which I am unaware of?

Please advise and I hope to hear from you soon.

Their Reply [8 Jan 08]

Please refer to your feedback received on 2 January 2008.

2. Allow us to explain that the 'special bus' of Service 74 was behind schedule caused by heavy traffic and thus, the bus captain was instructed to perform alighting activities only. This is to ensure that the bus is able to arrive at the Hougang Interchange to keep to its schedule.

3. Thank you for allowing us to explain this matter to you

IMHO, I feel passengers should be informed of such change in plans.

From the above reply, drivers are told to do "shortcuts" to be on time later. I do not see this as a vivable solution. SBS Transit should ask themselves the below questions.

1. Is it fair to those who have waited for quite some time for a bus but end up unable to board it even though it is empty?

2. Have you (SBS Transit) thought of increasing the amount of buses during peak hours?

Singapore will never be a world class city if transport issues are not resolved. Instead of improving situation, human and traffic squeeze deteriorates.

I shall make a separate post on Singapore's infamous Electronic Road Pricing System in a few days time.

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