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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Long, Tiring, Busy Yet Eventful Day

It's an exciting day today. As usual, I woke up 5 minutes late and so end up having to run from my house to AMK MRT. To be able to catch the last shuttle from Buona Vista to my workplace, I must take the train that leaves at 7.16pm from AMK to Jurong East. FYI, this "special" train will travel from AMK to Pasir Ris directly via Jurong East without having to transit. With this "special" bound train, I'll be able to sleep without disruptions to Buona Vista. I made it.

Near BT Gombak, I received a call and was informed that something cropped up. I was required to take urgent leave. I alighted and boarded another train travelling in the opposite direction back home. AMK to AMK cost me 68 cents.

After having resolved the issue in the morning, I went down to Bugis for a lunch session with Regine before heading to Lavender St (opposite Eminent Plaza) for a short discussion on a project. The meeting ended at around 6pm.

After my discussion, I met up with Regine for dinner. Our dinner was settled at Tampines. After dinner, Regine met up with a client for a financial analysis session while I settled at Tampines Regional Library till it closed shop.

It's a long, tiring, busy but eventful day. The night is still young and I definitely will be staying up late again.

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