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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kill A Stuck Pixel or Dead Pixel

I received a link from a friend few days ago on how to make a stuck pixel "work" again. I went on to find out how true the recommended method is going to work.

Kill Dead Pixel

These are my findings

Stuck pixels and dead pixels are different. For a dead pixel, nothing can be done. As for stuck pixels, there is a possibility that they could be fixed by the above mentioned method. Of course if the equipment is in warranty and there isn't a get-out clause in the warranty, you can always send them for repair/replacement.

Why the method may work on stuck pixels? We need to know the fundamental basics before we can proceed. If a pixel is capable of displaying a certain color (one of the primaries), then the transistor works (a pixel is basically a transistor with an on/off state). Once the electrical characteristics of a transistor no longer function, it is dead. Nothing is going to bring it back. If the transistor is in a marginal state, this may seem to work, but it is really a case of random success. By cycling the pixel thousands of time (so for many hours) they may start working again. Telling dead from stuck is hard and so there is no harm trying it and give it a go.

This is another free tool out there in the market that will not only "un-stick" any stuck pixels, but makes it very easy to determine whether or not you have any dead pixels on your display. The name of the free tool is UDPixel. Before you download and install UDPixel, you will need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0


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