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Monday, March 22, 2010

Facebook Scam Alert: Facebook Profile Spy

Early this year, I made a post on a spam alert "Profile Spy", asking to advice users of Facebook to not to join the group. The group is said to send notification whenever someone visits your profile page. I am here reposting this because I still notice people are adding or joining the group/application.

The lesson to be learnt when using Facebook is not to add any applications that are not trusted. Once an untrusted application is added, the application may be able to do a retrieval of your personal information that are not protected. When I say not protected, I mean to say private information not set with the correct privacy settings. Many such information are by default not set private.

This is a "social disease". Let's be prudent and cautious. If I have the time, I may make a quick post on Facebook security/privacy issue.

Facebook Scam Alert: Facebook Profile Spy [via]

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