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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Minister Mah Bow Tan being "worshipped"

Read for yourself.

Appreciation to Minister Mah Bow Tan [via]


  1. MBT is the most insincere guy. Just look at what he did in the communications ministry-suck up motorists' money and simply give phoney reasons for his policies, thinking that we are all stupid.
    Now in charge of housing, what did he do? Make all HBD so expensive that we all cannot even afford. Hear what he is saying to justify his actions. He now does not even want to take further measures to stop the increase. Look at property sales, still increasing like nobody's business. Do we have to pay a clown so many million a year to do nothing for us? Come on people let us throw him out.Press on. We have better people to sit on that chair. Let us not hear his further lies!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly that MBT is insincere. MBT lies through his teeth every time he speaks. He cannot even tell Low Thia Kiang the actual cost of an HDB flat yet he talks about the biliions of dollars of subsidy. Can you believe such a guy? He simply plucks out figures from the sky. What a LIAR!
    I feel sorry for the PAP but more so for the people of Singapore.No wonder even MM is fed up with him! You should have known better MM!


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