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没得吃 mango sticky rice


以为可以吃到泰国的 mango sticky rice but then because my service is required at CAB, I have to give mango sticky rice a miss. A friend of mine is supposed to have brought mango sticky rice all the way fresh from Bangkok.



  1. Wah your blog change interface ah! Quite not used to it...

    Oh no! I also want to eat! Btw fyi the mango sticky rice in Thai express sucks! Very awful! Dun ever think of tht as a substitute to satisfy your craving!

  2. I did not get to eat the mango sticky rice :(
    In place of the mango sticky rice, I got myself "dog shit" and rice cracker.

    If air tix is cheap, I may just fly over to BKK for weekend. See how it goes.


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