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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finally done with my CS4236 Assignment 1

After a few days of sleepless nights and long hours of work on my CS4236 Assignment 1, it is finally over. I must admit it is a tough project, requiring many hours of commitment and hard work. Not only it requires implementation towards a security problem, it also requires a report on the implementation.

Nevertheless, this project, which requires intensive readings of research papers and fairly deep understanding of encryption algorithms like RC4, on cracking of WEP keys, is an interesting, practical and challenging one.

I wonder what would the Assignment 2 be based on. It's time to catch few hours of rest before embarking on clearing the next deadline - CS5322 Assignment 1.

  • 02: CS5322 Quiz 1
  • 03: CS4236 Project deadline
  • 10: CS4236 Assignment 1 deadline
  • 12: CS5322 Assignment 1 deadline
  • 15: CS5322 choose research topic
  • 05: CS5258 Assignment 1
  • 05: CS5258 Assignment 2
  • 13: CS5322 Quiz 2
  • 15: CS5322 Project deadline
  • XX: CS4236 Assignment 2 deadline
  • XX: CS5322 Assignment 2 deadline
  • 27: CS4236 Exam
  • 28: CS5258 Exam
  • 03: CS5322 Exam
Strikethrough means I am done with it.

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