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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Something to cheer for

Almost all the stocks in my portfolio are seeing more than considerable amount of profit. This is really something worth cheering for. The below statistics include dividends.
  1. Cambridge Industrial Trust [J91U.SI] +0.000%
  2. CapitalMalls Asia Limited [JS8.SI] +1.740%
  3. Koh Brothers Group Limited [K75.SI] -3.850%
  4. Mapletree Logistics Trust [M44U.SI] +32.540%
  5. Neptune Orient Lines Limited [N03.SI] +5.510%
  6. Parkway Holdings Limited [P27.SI] +49.070
  7. SMRT Corporation Limited [S53.SI] +15.610%
  8. Singapore Exchange Limited [S68.SI] -32.830%
  9. Singapore Technologies Engineering Limited [S63.SI] +19.330% *Does not include employee shares
  10. UMS Holdings Limited [558.SI] +20.590%

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