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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Research papers reading again

I am doing research papers reading once again. This time round, I am expected to compare the below two literature papers, write a critic on them and make comparisons between them.

Tough papers.
  1. “Executing SQL over Encrypted Data in the Database-Service-Provider Model”, H. Hacigumus, B. R. Iyer, C. Li, S. Mehrotra, In Proc. of SIGMOD, 2002. [acm] [pdf]

  2. “Balancing Confidentiality and Efficiency in Untrusted Relational DBMSs”, E. Damiani, S. DeCapitani de Vimercati, S. Jajodia, S. Paraboschi, P. Samarati, In Proc. of ACM CCS, 2003. [acm] [pdf]
Deadline: Mar 12, Fri.

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